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Evaluation of the Efficacy of Disinfectant Footmats for the Reduction of Bacterial Contamination on Footwear in a Large Animal Veterinary Hospital

American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine

K.J. Hornig, B.A. Burgess, N.T. Saklou, V. Johnson, A. Malmlov, D.C. Van Metre, P.S. Morley, and S.R. Byers (2016)

During times of epidemic disease, it is common to find extensive environmental contamination and pathogens may persist in the environment for months after such an event.2–5 Many North American VTHs utilize footbaths and footmats at entrances and key control points throughout the veterinary hospital in an endeavor to decrease trafficking of pathogenic microorganism on contaminated footwear.

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Topics: AHP® Peer Reviewed Articles (Companion Animal), AHP® Peer Reviewed Articles (Farm Animal)