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Something Powerful


Veterinary Videos and Testimonials

Dr. Becker Explains What is Fear Free?

Virox Animal Health is proud to partner with the Fear Free program to help minimize the stress of a vet visit.

Why this Vet Chose Rescue™ for her Practice

Dr. Julie Reck tells us why she made the switch to a “Deliberately Different” disinfectant.

Playvideo Dog

Have You Met Spot?

Learn what makes Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® disinfectants "Deliberately Different". 

How to Disinfect a Small Cage with Rescue™ Disinfectants

An easy to follow protocol on how to disinfect a small cage with Rescue™ One Step Disinfectant Cleaner and Deodorizer. 


See why the Ark at JFK chose to use Intervention™ exclusively.

How to Use Rescue™ Ready to Dispense (RTD)

Integrated dilution head dilutes and dispenses Rescue™ Concentrate safely and accurately.

How to Use PeroxiWash™ Concentrated Animal Shampoo

Easy to use dilutions for up to 30 days reuse on lightly or heavily soiled animals.

How to Disinfect an Exam Room with Rescue™ Disinfectants

Step by step disinfection video guide.


See why AirHeart Pet Hospital chose Rescue™.

Farm Videos and Testimonials

Truck Stop Facility Switches to Intervention™

Missouri Truck Stop now cleans and disinfects with Intervention™, learn why?