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Evaluating Post-Milking Teat Dip Efficacy Using Somatic Cell Count Data

Teat dipping is an essential practice in preventing new intramammary infections in cows. The procedure involves dipping teats of dairy cows before and after milking with a germicidal solution to reduce teat skin colonization and contamination with mastitis-causing bacteria and minimize penetration. Chlorhexidine is a commonly used teat disinfectant, as it is recognized for its rapid action and residual activity against intramammary infections. However, it is also known for causing anaphylactic reactions and bioaccumulation in the environment causing reactions to form more toxic-bi-products. With these concerns in mind, Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP)® products have been found to be non-hazardous, non-irritating to skin or respiratory tract. Furthermore, hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen reducing environmental impact.

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Topics: Technical Bulletins (Farm Animal)