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Effects of disinfection on the molecular detection of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus

Routine detection of porcine epidemic diarrhea (PEDv) is currently limited to RT-PCR testing, as it is the only test method that can directly detect PEDv. Because RT-PCR only detects the viral RNA, a positive RT-PCR result only indicates the presence of PEDv viral RNA, but does not mean viable and infectious virus is present. Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide®(AHP®) is a relatively new yet proven technology that is capable of disinfecting PEDv but may still leave inactivated RNA strands on surfaces, and therefore has a history of producing RT-PCR positive test results. In this study AHP was tested along with a number of other disinfectant actives as agents against PEDv using RT-PCR. Positive RT-PCR results were tested to show how AHP was able to fully inactivate any remaining RNA on the surface. Therefore AHP can be used as an alternative disinfectant that is effective against PEDv without the negative toxicity, environmental, safety and compatibility profiles.

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Topics: Technical Bulletins (Farm Animal), Technical Bulletins (Companion Animal)