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Something Powerful

AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association)

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A Strategic Alliance

 Virox® Animal Health is proud to be a Strategic Alliance Partner of the American Animal Hospital Association.

Already an industry leader in Human Healthcare since 1998, Virox formulations have been applied in recent years to the Animal Health sector in order to meet the ever-increasing demand to fight emerging pathogens. The collaboration of our Professional and Technical Services division with AAHA brings together never-before seen expertise in veterinary infection prevention to assist and educate all veterinary professionals, ensuring safer visits and lower risks of animal hospital-acquired infection and the transmission of pathogens.

“Virox’s dedication to pets and the people who care for them make them an outstanding contributor to our industry. I very much appreciate Virox’s support of AAHA – the most recent example of which is their sponsorship of AAHA’s Infection Control, Prevention and Biosecurity Guidelines. This topic is so important and has not been adequately covered until now, and these guidelines will be extremely useful to the veterinary profession.”
– Dr. Mike Cavanaugh, CEO of AAHA

Get Your Copy of “Keep It Clean” Infection Prevention and Biosecurity eBook

Virox® Animal Health and AAHA collaborate to deliver informative resources, such as "Keep It Clean", a guide to Infection Prevention and Biosecurity for the veterinary community. VIEW HERE >


Why is AHP® the Right Choice for Veterinary Practices and Hospitals?

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide® (AHP®) has a unique combination of safety and efficacy that makes it the ideal fit for the veterinary industry. Unlike legacy chemistries, such as quaternary ammonium and bleach, AHP® has no harsh chemical odour, minimizing the impact on people and pets. AHP® is fragrance free, leaving no smell behind in the cleaning and disinfection process.


The Company We Keep

We believe strongly that forging animal health industry-wide alliances benefits us all, human and animal, and puts us on the right path to a safer, healthier future. Here are a few of the other animal health partnerships we have made.