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Educational Opportunities

While developing cleaners and disinfectants for the veterinary companion and farm animal communities is the primary focus of Virox Animal Health, we also believe strongly in providing educational opportunities to ensure the development and growth of future leaders and future decision makers in the global animal health community. To support this initiative, Virox Animal Health has become the exclusive sponsor of the CVMA's Emerging Leaders Program (ELP).

Learn more about the CVMA Emerging Leaders Program and apply here.

“The Emerging Leaders moniker is quite appropriate as Virox Animal Health takes its Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection technology and considerable success in the human health arena to provide biosecurity products and protocols to animal health, as in our view, it's all connected,” says Randy Pilon, President and CEO, Virox. “We are pleased to be part of a program that will instill confidence and innovation in these future veterinary leaders.”